Piano Tuning and Repair

AC Pianocraft Inc. offers tuning services, done by the most professional tuners in the industry. We recommend that pianos be tuned at least twice a year, when seasons change. It is extremely important to acquire a tuner who is well trained and experienced. Since no license is needed to become a tuner, many “tuners” are not well trained and can actually harm your piano. Finding the correct tuner will make your instrument sound its best.

In addition to complete restoration, AC Pianocraft Inc. is capable of servicing your piano in any way necessary, from fixing a squeaky pedal to fully regulating the piano’s action.

If you are not sure what needs to be done on your piano, Alex Kostakis will personally come to your residence, assess the piano, and give you a professional consultation and an estimate for the amount of work needed. You are under no obligation to do all or any of the work.

Some of the work may be done without removing the piano from your residence and other, more intricate work, may necessitate the piano coming to our factory. If your piano is brought to our facilities, we can arrange (if completely necessary) for a loaner piano at a nominal fee so that you will not go without an instrument during the repair time.

Just a note of thanks. You have been wonderful.
- Oprah Yeruushalmi, Pianist & Filmmaker