Piano Refinishing

AC Pianocraft Inc. can refinish your piano so that it may once again look as beautiful as when it was created. We perform complete piano refinishing which involves the exterior or cosmetic look of the piano case. We have skilled and talented refinishers with years of experience who meticulously apply their expertise and knowledge to each instrument.

Refinishing a piano is comprised of the following steps: Old and decayed finishes are washed down to the veneer. All missing or loose veneers are replaced or repaired with new matching veneers. All other wood repairs are completed (e.g. loose legs, missing corners, etc.) Piano is sanded down to a smooth surface. For natural color pianos, color samples are sent to the customer for color approval. The client then has the choice on going with a lighter or darker, redder or browner finish. After the client selects the color the stains are applied to the wood and properly matched. We then apply 7-10 coats of the chosen color to ensure good depth and luster of finish. Upon curing a finish it is then rubbed out to a desired sheen of the customers choosing satin, satin luster or high gloss. In the meantime the hardware (pedals, hinges) is professionally plated or polished.

The care and craftsmanship which have gone into every detail of this beautiful end result is apparent every time I play.
- M. Feldman, Yale University