Piano Restoration

Since 1966, AC Pianocraft has been successfully restorinwg Steinway, Mason Hamlin, Bosendorfer, Yahmaha and other fine grand pianos. When we restore your vintage piano we give it a new life; we resurrect it. Many of our clients are not only enjoying their rebuilt pianos now, but also intend to pass them on keeping them in the family for generations to come. Complete rebuilding and refinishing makes playing your piano a new and exciting experience and greatly enhances the value of your instrument and is therefore also a worthwhile investment.

When rebuilding a piano we only use the finest materials. Unlike many piano restorers, we use only genuine Steinway action parts when restoring vintage Steinway pianos unless requested otherwise by the customer. Our soundboards are made of the finest spruce available and are custom fitted and tapered to each instrument, ensuring the potential resonance of each instrument is fully realized. We employ only highly trained technicians who must meet our strict standards of piano restoration and who are skilled at their craft and diligent at their work to ensure that the integrity of your piano is never compromised but is restored as close to the original condition, if not better. Alex Kostakis our head piano technician and also the owner of AC Pianocraft, Inc. he personally oversees the restoration work performed in the factory. He inspects work on every piano that comes through the factory door and no piano leaves until it has passed his rigorous tests. Alex demands a lot from his employees when it comes to restoring our client’s pianos because they expect the best from us and our reputation in the industry demands it.

We would like you to know that all the meticulous work that you do for us is the finest example of skilled craftsmanship and in our opinion cannot be done any better, and from one craftsman to another it is greatly appreciated.
- Joe Brown, Delaware Piano & Organ