How To Keep Motivated

Piano motivation with A.C. PianocraftYou have a finely-tuned piano that is capable of producing great sound. That’s definitely a lure to get people to sit down and practice on it. Still, there are often other temptations that can keep those would-be pianists away from the bench… and it can feel like a Sisyphean task to get them back on track.

So, what are some things that can be done to get them on a regular schedule… and stick to it while not acting like they are being tortured?

Have Them Play Music They Like

Like many forms of art, people enjoy learning things that they like themselves. It may be a song they like from the radio or it might be something their parents listen to. It’s fairly easy to get sheet music for nearly any song… and it can tickle them to be learning to play something that their favorite musician played.

Avoid Constant Repetition

Sometimes people get good at playing a song, and while that does show progress, they should not stick to just practicing that tune. Boredom can quickly set in and once that happens, it can spell a quick end to regular piano playing.

One should switch it up often to keep things feeling fresh. That way, it can always feel more like an adventure than a chore for one to complete before moving on to the next thing.

Set Achievable Milestones

The thing with this one is that there should be a feeling of some accomplishment when it’s been reached. It shouldn’t be so easy that it becomes boring but it can’t be so difficult that one gives up in frustration early on and sets any progress back or even halts it completely.

It can be a long-term goal, like learning a complex song within a year or it can be short-term, like mastering holiday-specific songs for that particular holiday. Then they can look back with pride at both the hard work they put in and the event itself.

Learning the piano goes differently for everyone. There are those so, even with these tips, decide that it isn’t for them. That’s fine. The things listed here are just some possible ways to give them the best chance of being hooked. 

Then there are others who may take this to the next level and work on piano mastery. These can be important stepping stones for them to embrace a regular practice schedule.

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