Maintaining A Piano During The Winter

Piano maintenance over winter in Long Island City, NYYou want to have a playable piano throughout this season and into the spring, right? It’s a conundrum that many piano owners face, especially first-time buyers. Even longtime piano owners have some difficulty deciding the proper way to care for it during this time of the year, since there are some tricky elements that can actually cause some long-term damage.  Here are some tips about maintaining a piano during the winter.

Here are some of the problems that piano owners have, especially in New York with its changing weather – it’s warm one day and cold the very next. Instead of a thermometer, one could use a yo-yo.

Part of the proper maintenance includes making sure your piano is stored in a good place. Don’t have it sitting in a drafty area or in the line of where doors open and close, since the cold can affect how it plays. It’s not necessarily the cold itself that can affect the playability, but if the humidity keeps changing, then that can allow mold to get into the piano… and that will negatively impact it. In the same vein, keep it away from radiators or fireplaces since a lot of heat can also cause problems to the piano and affect its playability. 

Consider getting a humidifier… or a dehumidifier if needed. Those will be able to keep the conditions suitable for your piano. If you know that the storage place is relatively dry and not prone to those humidity and temperature swings without the humidifier or dehumidifier, then you should be fine storing it there. Periodically check the piano, though to make sure there are no issues.

Some people think that a garage is a good place for a piano to be stored during the winter. That’s inviting a host of issues to possibly crop up, since the humidity and temperatures will always be fluctuating, especially if the garage is not well-insulated.. It’s better to find someplace where the climate can be controlled. That way you know exactly what the setting is and what conditions the piano is sitting in at all times.

If everything else fails, you can always call A.C. Pianocraft – their piano craftsmen will come take a look and, assuming that the piano is in good condition with nothing that would require a complete overhaul, get its sound to where it should be… and then give you tips on how to maintain it the rest of the winter. They can also re-tune it so that it will sound great for the Spring