Buying Refurbished Piano

reasons for buying a used or restored pianoUsed or restored pianos can give a great overall value

Their quality can be quite high

They can also last a long time

Pianos are a staple in many people’s houses all over the world. It’s a wonderful instrument that’s capable of producing beautiful music. They can also be quite expensive since they are quite intricate.

It might be a good idea to consider getting a used or restored piano. Here are a few reasons why:


People buy new things because they feel they get the most out of it – phones, laptops or tablets. What they miss is that a lot of these things are offered as refurbished.. and they can get the same amount of usage as a new one without having to worry about possibly living beyond their means.

The same one of thinking can be done with pianos. Many times a piano is bought to be part of a family house. True musical prodigies tend to be few and far between, so devoting a large part of a family’s budget that could be used in other areas for a brand new Steinway is not savvy thinking – a restored one can spare a budget and leave room for doing something like remodeling a bathroom or kitchen.

High Quality

For a good amount of people, having a brand-new Steinway is a status symbol, much like owning a luxury car. There was even a brief train of thought that it would also greatly appreciate in value as time went by – which is actually the opposite. A piano loses value once out of the showroom and can depreciate even if was never played. One might as well invest in the latest fad toy – it would be the same thing in the long run.

Buying a piano is actually a musical investment for many – and there is nothing wrong with buying a restored piano if it is done by highly-skilled people. The pianos are just as capable of producing quality music… much like more inexpensive cars can last much longer than the luxury ones.


Another fear that people have with refurbished or restored items is that the items will not last as long as a new one might. The flaw with that thinking, especially with electronic items, is that there is already obsolescence built in – there’s always a newer model with new features right around the corner.

The same can’t be said of pianos – they have largely stayed the same through the ages with some minor changes. A piano can also sound quite good as it ages – with regular tune-ups, of course.

There are a couple of caveats when buying a used or restored piano – some places don’t offer warranties and may not be tuned properly. Take that into consideration.

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