Do Pianos Have Souls?

Do Pianos have souls?When it comes to music, few instruments can bring out a wide range of emotions like pianos. They don’t have to be new – even used pianos are capable. Some may see the drums as the backbone of a group… and there’s some merit to that. But if you listen to a wide range of music, from the most energetic rock song to the saddest ballad, you’ll see that the piano or keyboard is what often drives that.

Is It Just A Vessel?

There are some that think that it’s the person playing it that’s truly driving the tenor of the song. That’s true… a musician may be hunched over a Steinway or Bösendorfer piano while playing a solemn, sad tune and that posture may lend even more weight to the sounds that the audience hears. On the other hand, one who stands and jumps around makes a peppy song seem even more happiness-inducing. But the piano itself, with its intricate tuning carries its own feel… some may have an even deeper sound on one side than another piano, and the crushing sadness seems even more despair-inducing.

They Have Their Own Personalities

One thing that really points to them having a soul is that no two pianos are totally alike. They may be tuned the same, but they each have a distinctive style that’s noticeable to anyone who plays a lot. They also have good days and bad days, just like people. Weather can affect them – certain keys might be sticky if it’s humid outside. A piano isn’t just an instrument for those who play often – it becomes a dear friend with its own foibles.

It’s All About Fusion

While these new or used pianos may have their own personalities, it’s the combination of both the musician and the instrument that will bring out everything that’s held within. A pianist who spends hours practicing with a certain Steinway, Fazioli or Stuart piano will come to see it not as a mere instrument to be learned but as a friend who brings out the best in them. They may even talk to them, coax them, and yes, even at certain times, curse at them too… though they surely apologize to it afterwards. Those pianos listen, too… they know when they are being treated well… and when they are not. One does not want to play pianos that have not been cared for.

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